The job of an academic is often quite different from the popular public perception. Hear from current academics about their work, their career paths, and the academic lifestyle. This section also highlights some of the core skills and qualities needed to build a successful academic career -  useful areas to consider even if you are already familiar with working in an academic environment.

If you are at the point of starting to consider an academic career, you can get an overview of the qualifications you will need, the different career pathways by discipline, and how feasible it is to move into academia using professional qualifications and experience:

If you have already embarked on the road to becoming an academic, or are seriously considering the road ahead, investigate:

This lays out some of the challenges between gaining a PhD and getting a permanent academic post. You can hear the career stories of post-doctoral researchers and research fellows in a range of disciplines, examine the issues involved in progressing in your career, and consider the competition from others also aiming to become academics.