An Academic Career

Clinical disciplines

Professor Chris Griffiths describes his role as a clinical academic.

Academic career pathways

If you are in one of the clinical or other health professions and are interested in an academic career, your career pathway will generally need to take into account:

  • academic requirements
  • requirements of your appropriate regulatory body

and, in many cases:

  • NHS requirements, if you intend to continue to practise within the NHS alongside your academic commitments - a common feature of academic healthcare professionals, where you may working for both a university and the NHS.
It is common for health professionals to qualify and practise outside academia before embarking on an academic career. This enables you to undertake research which could only be carried out by a qualified health practitioner.

These are some of the official resources and organisations available to help and support you:

In addition, there are many academics working primarily in life sciences and social sciences, on research which underpins our understanding of health issues. Research pathways for these academics, who are not qualified health practitioners, are covered in:

Medicine and dentistry

Nursing, midwifery and allied health professions