Developing a good reputation amongst colleagues and peers is important for success as an academic.

How does one build a reputation and become known in the academic circuit? Here are some suggestions:

  • Produce research of the highest quality, as you will be judged according to your publication record. The target number of journal articles, books, etc. you would be expected to produce will vary according to discipline and university, yet always aim for quality over quantity.
  • When obtaining research funding, using the money wisely to produce solid outcomes. If you can develop a reputation as someone who can deliver quality research quickly, you are more likely to gain bigger grants in the future.
  • Select publishers carefully and aim to publish in good quality journals and with publishing houses that are strong in your field, such as a good university press.
  • Maintain your professional network - by presenting at relevant national and international conferences, PhD colloquia, etc and through professional networking forums such as subject email lists or online networking sites, such as or Mendeley. To develop links outside academia (useful for potential collaborations or funding), try professional networking sites such as LinkedIn
  • Join and take an active role in your professional association by, for example, volunteering to organise a conference or acting as an associate editor for a research journal.

In addition to developing a reputation as a researcher, it is important to be known as a good colleague and team player within your department.