When applying for an academic job, you will typically be required to submit three parts of the application: an application form, a CV and a covering letter.  Producing a strong written application may improve your chances of an invitation for an interview. 

This section provides useful tips and advice on how best to tackle the main elements of the application process:

  • CVs - While there is no one definitive format for the presentation of an academic CV, there are conventions which generally apply to the aims, layout and content of an academic CV.
  • Covering letters - If you have the chance to include a covering letter with your application (sometimes online applications preclude submission), then take the opportunity to explain your motivations, strengths, suitability and what you can offer.
  • Application forms - The personal statement is the most challenging part of an application form and requires careful planning and structuring.  Visit this section to find out more about what a personal statement should include.