An Academic Career


CVs for academic jobs

Your CV for a university post would usually look quite different to the one you'd put together for a job outside academia. Of course, many of the general rules of CV writing still apply - it's important that your CV can be easily absorbed and understood, and is in a format that will be accepted.

As you would expect, there is no one definitive format for the presentation of an academic CV - academics are as individual as any other recruiter when it comes to what they like to see. However, from talking to current members of academic staff, we have developed guidelines to the conventions which generally apply to the aims, layout and content of an academic CV.

There is no limit to how long an academic CV should be. The CVs we reviewed when writing this section ranged from 5 to 38 pages. It is more important to be detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date rather than worry about length.

Mid-career academics

These guidelines are particularly aimed at those in the early stages of their academic career. If you've had significant academic experience, or are applying for an academic promotion, the format and content will vary somewhat. Individual universities have their own procedures and you are advised to check with the Human Resources department for the relevant guidelines.