An Academic Career

Prizes and references

Prizes and awards

You shouldn't need to go into great detail, but research scholarships, special bursaries and prizes are an obvious indicator of potential so are worth mentioning.

  • Include those that that relevent and support your application.
  • Keep the information as current as possible.  A school prize when you were 16 is probably not indicative.

Consider where best to include this information on your CV.  Some people have a separate section, others choose to attach each award to the institution and qualification it relates to.


Include the names and contact details for at least three academic referees on your CV (rather than stating 'available on request').

As a rule your supervisor will be one of them but choose your others carefully. Think about, for example, their reputation in the academic field (whether it be in your particular area or the field/direction you are hoping to move into). Are they able to comment on your teaching skills, expertise with a particular piece of equipment and so on?

Choose your referees to meet the needs of the post and ask them if they wouldn't mind being a referee. Remember to keep them up-to-date with developments - tell them what posts you are applying for and let them have a copy of your CV and the job details.