An Academic Career

Research and Academic/Professional standing


Research and Academic/Professional Standing might include many of the following sub-headings:

How to list your publications

Your publications section must be prominent, detailed and logically structured. These are some of the possible sub-headings you might include in this section:

  • Authored books
  • Edited books
  • Guest editorships: journals
  • Academic journal papers
  • Book chapters
  • Publications in conference proceedings
  • Professional journal papers
  • Review articles
  • Popular journal papers
  • Other publications (eg short encyclopaedia entries; contributions to dictionaries; book reviews, etc)

You must also distinguish between work published, in press, submitted/accepted or under review.

When listing publications it's usual to follow the Harvard referencing system although you can be flexible on this. For example:

  • Books - Author(s), title, publisher, number of pages, date published.
  • Chapters - Author(s), title of chapter, names of editor(s), title, publisher, pagination of chapter, date published.
  • Articles in Journals - Author(s), title of article, name of journal, volume number, date of publication, pagination of article.
  • Refereed Conference Contributions - Author(s), title of paper, name of conference/ published proceedings, publisher, number of pages, date published.
  • Other works - include Author(s), title and date of publication. If non-text based, date at which performed/work displayed.

Research grants awarded

For each research grant awarded, include:  the date of the award; the title and description of the project; who funded the award and for what amount.  Also indicate if you were the sole PI or a co-applicant.

Supervision of research students

List the names of the students you supervised and the dates the supervision took place; how the students were funded; in how many years did they complete their research; whether a degree (eg PhD) was awarded, and whether you were a First, Second or Joint Supervisor.

Professional advisory or consultancy work

In this section, list projects you have carried out for organisations such as government departments and amount of money the consultancy generated.

Lectures and conference activity

At an early stage in your career these won't all be international prestigious events, but it is certainly worth mentioning your involvement and contribution to conferences - even if this is at a local inter- or intra-departmental level, for example as part of a Graduate School event.

Highlighting your attendance at certain key conferences, presentations and workshops can be useful even if you don't make a presentation yourself - it indicates motivation, commitment and interest in the subject.

For each lecture list the date, title of your lectures, name of conference and location of conference.

Major academic visits and collaborations

In this section, academics list when and where they have acted as Visiting Scholars, Visiting Fellows or Visiting Professors, etc.

Conference and sessions organised

If you have organised any conferences or conferene sessions, detail them in this section and mention if you were the Organiser, Presider, Session Chair, etc.