Start with a brief statement outlining your current research, expected outcomes of current lines of scholarly work or research outcomes as well as possible future developments, (don't give the impression that research interests only focus around your PhD).

Emphasise the creative and innovative aspects of your research output. The aim here is also to demonstrate your ability to attract future research funding and contribute to the department's research profile.

A word of caution

Alter the degree of emphasis on ideas for the future depending on the level of job applied for:

  • Lectureship or fellowship where you will have scope to define your own research and will need to attract funding - focus strongly on where you see your research going, show that you are capable of moving your own research forward
  • Contract research position, where you are being recruited to carry out a project already defined by a principal investigator - give some indication of future interests, but don't over-emphasise own independent ideas outside the scope of the project

Examples to illustrate research achievement and potential

  • Articles, including the standing of journals in which publication has taken place
  • Contributions to books (eg chapters) and possible future publications.  Give an indication of the degree of originality
  • Conference attendance (evidence that you are building up a profile in your field and abreast with the latest developments)
  • Public performances, poster presentations and exhibitions
  • Collaboration with others, both internal and external to the University (mention industrial links/commercial potential if appropriate)
  • Research collaborations and membership of research groups (can be useful to highlight membership here if it will strengthen your application)
  • External funding obtained (eg research grants, awards, bursaries, fellowships, etc.)
  • Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Invited contributions to conferences and conference proceedings (you could mention inter- and intra-departmental activities here)
  • Academic visits (UK and overseas)
  • Invitations to write review articles and commissioned books/chapters
  • Refereeing for journals
  • Formal acknowledgements from other members of the academic community
  • Involvement in writing research proposals