An Academic Career

Example CVs

Learning from others

There is no one ideal template for an academic CV. You should develop your own style to show your abilities to their best effect. However, sometimes it is useful to see others CVs to trigger ideas for presenting your own CV.

Example academic CVs on the web

For those currently completing a PhD, the Graduate Prospects website has a section entitled 'Your PhD, What Next?'. This includes example CVs for both science and arts PhDs, for academic and non-academic jobs.

The Vitae website has example academic CVs for both science and humanities PhDs and post-doctoral staff. It also includes similar example CVs for non-academic jobs, in either chronological or skills based formats.

Real academic CVs on the web

Many academics put their CVs on the web, either on their own or departmental web pages, or linked to conference proceedings. With a bit of searching, you should be able to find examples of real CVs for academics, and aspiring academics, in your field.

For example, searching the University of Manchester personal web pages for the term 'CV' yields a number of examples of academic CVs (try a Google search for 'cv').

You may be surprised when you see the CVs of some current academics. They are sometimes rather idiosyncratic, ignore suggestions given on this site and elsewhere, and don’t conform to any conventional 'careers adviser' view of a good CV – however, they have obviously done the job if the person in question is now an academic.

This underlines the importance of reputation and academic achievements over presentation (though a well presented CV and covering letter can make it easier for others to spot your academic potential).